Burning Permits

  • Burning Permits are required to be obtained prior to any burning taking place within the RM of Dauphin ALL YEAR ROUND
  • Permits are free of charge, issued 1 week at a time and are obtained at the Municipal Office.  We require a signature and cell phone number from the person taking out the permit
  • Persons in violation of the provisions of the By-Law are subject to fines and cost incurred for fire fighting services
  • In all cases you have the responsibility to control any fire that you set
  • Should the fire escape your control, and firefighting be required, action may be taken to recover costs of firefighting
  • Ensure your home/farm insurance is up to date as it may cover firefighting costs.
  • Every permit that is issued will be forwarded to the Dauphin Fire Department, and if the location is above the correction line we also send them to the Sifton Fire Department
  • Any fire that is set in an enclosed container or located in an area of dirt/sand that has been set for cooking or warmth and would normally be considered a "camp fire"; provided that while this is being burnt a responsible person monitors the fire to ensure that it does not get out of control.