Civic Addressing

In 2015 the RM of Dauphin had blue civic addressing signs installed at every residence within the Municipality.
What do the numbers on the sign mean? 

The bottom number is the road you are living on. The first three digits on the top line, is the road South or East of your property and the final three digits is the actual distance in 10’s of meters that your driveway is from the South or East road.

This number is very important, and Council would like to suggest having everyone write their civic address number down and place it by your home phone, so in the event of an emergency if you need to place a 911 call, you can quickly advise the operator of your civic address number.   Please explain to your children and everyone in your household, what this number means and how important it is in case of an emergency.
If you live in a subdivision with 1 number at the end of your driveway, please ensure you also know the sign that is at the end of the road you live on, plus your individual number.
If your sign goes missing, gets damaged, or if you move into the RM and will need a sign please Contact Us
For more information on the civic addressing standard please click on the following link: Civic Addressing