Conservation Districts

The RM of Dauphin belongs to the Intermountain Conservation District and the Turtle River Watershed Conservation District which service our municipality and help with drainage issues and looking for ways to manage water property.

Turtle River Watershed Conservation District
TRWCD's mission is to provide sound and effective soil and water management to area
residents. There is significant emphasis placed on maintenance of drainages throughout
the district. Some programs include the use to buffer stips, erosion control structures,
abandoned well capping, grassed runways construction, riparian fencing, and beaver
management.  TRWCD teams up with Intermountain Conservation District to complete
the IWMP process for the Dauphin Lake Basin.
Box 449 630 Central Avenue
Ste Rose du Lac, MB R0L 1S0 

Phone: 204-447-2139
Fax: 204-447-4070

Intermountain Conservation District
IMCD has the following programs available:
  •      Abandoned Wells
  •      Forage Seed Reimbursement
  •      Grassed Waterway
  •      Off-Stream Options for Livestock Watering
  •      Pasture Pipeline Plow
  •      Streambank Stabilization
Water Management:
Creek Rehabilitation
Livestock Crossings
Riparian Fencing

Box 328
Ethelbert, MB R0L 0T0
Phone: 204-742-3764
Fax: 204-742-3721