Picture of an old barnPhoto Credit: Naomi ZurbaThe Rural Municipality of Dauphin was incorporated in 1897.

Some interesting facts from 1898:
Total Assessment: $776,058.00
First Levy; General Municipal: $5,432.00
First Levy; Schools: $2,328.00
Total population: 2,093

Cultivated Acres: 10,873
Number of Horses: 1,031
Number of Cattle: 2,264
Number of Sheep: 145
Number of Pigs: 390
Records of the first Municipal Council meeting lists:

Reeve: Stuart Geekie
Ward 1 Councillor: Robert McLeod
Ward 2 Councillor: William Miller
Ward 3 Councillor: D.E McDonald
Ward 4 Councillor: H.M Chute

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