Recycling & Waste Disposal

Recycling is available 24/7 throughout the municipality at the following locations:
All recycling must be loose, please DO NOT BAG recycling.  For more information on our recycling program and what can be recycled please click here
E-Waste, Paint Cans & Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Accepted at the OSS Recycling depot 24 hours a day located on Industrial Park Road just north of the Purolator Building, please sort into the appropriate bin.  To see what is accepted for E-Waste please click here. For any questions regarding E-Waste please contact Ottenbrite Sanitation Services at 204-783-6995.

Waste Transfer Station - Located at the Municipal Office Parking Lot
Operation Hours: Friday's 7:00 am - 2:00 pm
(If Friday is a holiday it will be bumped to Thursday) Please check the Waste Disposal Schedule as there are some changes and closures throughout the year due to holidays. The limit is 2 bags of household garbage PER HOUSEHOLD per week

Sifton Waste Disposal Site
Located West of Sifton - NW 35-27-20wpm - Corner of Road 116W & PR 267

Operation Hours:

Wednesday 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am - 1:00pm

The limit is 2 bags of household garbage PER HOUSEHOLD per week.  For more information on the fees and what is accepted at the Sifton Waste Disposal Site Click Here. Please be advised that payment is due at the time of dumping.

Attention Farmers!!
The RM of Dauphin is proud to offer a free recycling program for agricultural film and twine. The program is an extension of our combined mission of building a stronger community. 

On now and through October, growers can return bale and silage wrap, grain bags, silage film and plastic (polypropylene) twine for recycling at the Sifton Waste Disposal Site. Materials must be kept separate and returned in a clean and dry condition, free from dirt, straw and moisture. Large rolls of grain bags or silage film can be tied securely with twine. Nylon twine/rope, netting, feed/seed bags and excessively dirty materials will not be accepted.

Farmers can pick up FREE collection bags from Sammy's Farm Supply or the Sifton Waste Disposal Site. 

The program is part of the agricultural industry’s commitment to responsible management of its products throughout their entire lifecycle. Since 2013, more than 35,000 kilograms of agricultural film and twine have been diverted from burn piles and landfills. For program information, collection sites and hours, visit