Sifton Beach

Sifton Beach is located NE of Dauphin by taking Highway 20 North and turning right onto Road 162N. Sifton Beach has non-modern washrooms, an area to launch your boat from the road, a day use picnic area, and 16 Camping lots.

Due to increased water levels throughout the Municipality, all campgrounds are closed at this time. We continue to monitor the water levels and campground conditions and look forward to welcoming you back soon! 

Please Note:

  • The facilities at each location will not be regularly sanitized, please use at your own risk.
  • Practice Leave No Trace.  Pack out everything you packed in including trash and waste and keep pets on a short leash.
  • Follow all Provincial COVID-19 regulations and practice physical distancing at all campgrounds, washrooms, beaches, and green spaces

Picture of picnic area at Sifton Beach
Picture of shoreline at Sifton Beach