Sifton Beach

Sifton Beach is located NE of Dauphin by taking Highway 20 North and turning right onto Road 162N. Sifton Beach has modern washrooms, an area to launch your boat from the road, a day use picnic area, a couple of transient lots and 14 Seasonal Lots.

Sifton Beach Seasonacampsites are available until June 25th.
To book email the RM Office or call 204-638-4531.
For lot availability please refer to the Sifton Beach Campsite Map (lot availability subject to change - last updated June 23, 2021). *NOTE: Campsites marked with a 'red X' are not available. 

A completed Seasonal Campsite Application Form, along with the $400.00 payment must be received at the R.M. of Dauphin office prior to confirming a successful Seasonal Campsite Reservation. Please refer to this important link: Beach Rules & Regulations. 

Monthly & nightly campsite bookings are now available by contacting the camp host, Charley Bertrand at 204-655-3270.
2021 Sifton Beach Camping Fees 

$150.00 for monthly camping
$15.00 per night camping
** Monthly and overnight camping fees are payable to the RM of Dauphin and will be collected by the Camp Host immediately.

Please Note:
  • The facilities at each location will not be regularly sanitized, please use at your own risk.
  • Practice Leave No Trace.  Pack out everything you packed in including trash and waste and keep pets on a short leash.
  • Follow all Provincial COVID-19 regulations and practice physical distancing at all campgrounds, washrooms, beaches, and green spaces.
Picture of picnic area at Sifton Beach
Picture of shoreline at Sifton Beach